Follow this guide, and you’ll be able to use a single multi-tabbed window to launch different shells for Linux on Windows (WSL2), MSYS, Powershell, Cmd, SSH, Python environments based on Conda and venv, toolchain environments including Visual Studio, ESP32 the list is endless !

Windows Terminal….Who hell he ?

Windows Terminal appeared not so long ago (2021), in one of the myriad of involuntary Windows 10 updates. If you haven’t see it yet, you can get it from the Windows “Store”, simply search for it.

The idea is to stop using countless precariously stacked windows with cmd.exe or Powershell running…

Logging is a crucial part of any application. Be it a back end web service, GUI application, command line script, any program can benefit from having some form of logging.

This quick guide to logging, provides an overview to help you choose and use a very critical part of your system.

Uses of Logging

Using logging we can

  • Record the state of the system at a given time
  • Record errors
  • Record interesting events
  • Log unexpected states or events
  • Persist log messages
  • Stream messages to stdout or stderr

Logging can help us during development, it can also help to root cause issues, and also…

My journey from 1990 with a 286 PC and VIM, to 2021 with a Zen 3 PC and VIM . Where did it all go wrong ?

I’ve been programming for around 30 years. I’ve had many ups and many downs. This is something that I have learnt though — good tech sticks, embrace it as soon as you can, and watch the rest, the fads, come and go, the Zeitgeist is dynamic not static, (wow programming really has changed the way I talk now).

When I first started University, circa 1990, I had a 286 PC running DOS, it was lean and mean with 2MB of memory, VGA graphics, 20MHz CPU, and had a 20MB hard drive, (on this I ran a “disk doubler” called Stacker…

I have developed many back end web services for some of the biggest video game developers in the world including Ubisoft, EA and even Blackbox years ago. This article talks about my experiences within the games industry, and gives my list of top 10 concrete, guaranteed things you can do to make your web service scale.


I worked on back end web services for around 10 years.

It still baffles me how people can be given this role when they have no previous experience of writing this type of software, and by this I mean backend code and database software…

The Definitive Checklist

This definitive list can be used as a tick list when you are designing and optimizing any back end web service. Follow it and you don’t have to hand your notice in when your service goes for soft launch, let alone leave the country when it goes world wide !

Yes ! There will be feedback and improvements in this article,

Yes ! I will make a few mistakes in this post (so please correct me politely below). But I hope sharing all this knowledge is seen as a benevolent act, so we can all enjoy apps and games without…


Years ago, in the 90s I worked for a telecoms company in England. This was just at the time that the telecoms market re-invented the snake oil business. Money was pouring into these companies, and we had the chance to work on some amazing HP-UX machines to create systems for network management. This basically meant providing a GUI based front end, with multiple processes running asynchronously in the background, all doing their communicating via IPC, and all doing clever and complex stuff with multiplexors and other telecoms kit out in the street.

It was a great time, our customers, other…


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